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                  Power Electronics trainer is modular type circuits on glass epoxy PCB as front panel. The circuit layout is printed on the glass epoxy PCB with high quality printing. Test tags are provided to observe the waveforms and voltages. LED indicators are provided on each input and output of logic blocks to observe the instantaneous logic level. 2 mm holes test points ( multimeter cord compatible ) are provided at all the points where voltages has to be measured. Built in DC regulated power supply is provided making the kits suitable for operation at 230V AC. The trainer is housed in wooden cabinet with cover for safe keeping of trainer. Necessary connecting leads ( patch cords ), jumper link, detail operating & servicing manual with theory and waveform to be provided.

            The trainer provides all detailed study of Power Electronics circuit through their operation & application. The trainer is provided with :

1.         Built in UJT & PUT relaxation oscillator with mains synchronisation and isolated output for SCR & TRIAC.

2.         Built in high voltage isolated AC 230V & dual 1.2 to 15V / 1A DC power supply.

3.         Built in SCR & TRIAC AC phase control circuit by RC & UJT / PUT circuits.

4.         Study of AC & DC timer & time delay relay using SCR & TRAIC by on board components.

5.         Built in DC motor for study of speed controller circuit.

6.         On board SCR, TRAIC, DIAC, UJT, PUT, LDR, PHOTO DIODE, NTC & PTC THERMISTOR, LAMP LOAD, NPN & PNP TRANSISTOR, MOSFET, OPTO ISOLATOR, PHOTO TRANSISTOR, LED, PULSE TRANSFORMERS, DIODES, POTENTIOMETER with 2 mm termination for assembling of circuits through patch cord & solder less breadboard.

7.         Set of patch cords ( 25 Nos ) to be provided along the trainer.

8.         1:10 attenuator is provided on board ( 02 Nos ).

Experiments :

1.         Study of SCR phase control by UJT, PUT, RC Triggering.

2.         Study of TRIAC phase control by UJT, PUT, RC triggering.

3.         Study SCR & TRIAC Timer.

4.         Study SCR & TRIAC & MOSFET time delay relay.

5.         Study of AC load switching by SCR & TRAIC.

6.         Study of over & under voltage ALARM circuits.

7.         Study of light and dark sensitive switches using SCR & TRAIC.

8.         Study of SCR, TRIAC, DIAC, UJT, PUT, LDR, PHOTO DIODE, NTC & PTC, THERMISTOR, MOSFET characteristics.

10.       Calculation of chopper efficiency.


 1.         Detailed Instruction Manual.

2.         Set of Patch cords.