P / I Converter : Study 3030

Categories: Instrumentation


ADTRON’S Pressure to Current ( P / I ) Converter is a versatile and useful training system for the Process Control & Instrumentation Laboratory. The training system demonstrates the principle and working of a pressure to current converter, P to I converter. The training system consists regulating valve ( PRV ), input pressure gauge, a pressure to current ( P / I ) converter, a digital output current indicator and power supply. The input air supply is to be provided from a compressor ( not supplied with the training system ). All the components are mounted in a suitable enclosure with a proper layout for case of handling. A detailed and comprehensive instruction manual is provided along with the trainer.


* Pressure to Current ( P to I ) Converter :

     i.  Input                         :                0.2 to 1KgKmor 3 to 15 PS1.

    ii. Output                      :                4 to 20 mA DC.

   iii. Power Supply      :               Regulated DC Power Supply.

* Input Pressure Gauge Pressure Regulator      :      0 to 1KgKm2

* Valve ( PRV )               :               ¼” BSP ( F ).


The pressure input required for the P to I converter is to be provided from the compressor or any device which can develop pressure. The compressor or any device which can develop pressure is not provided along with the system.