Optical Transducer Trainer 3045

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ADTRON’S Optical transducers trainer kit play a very important role in today’s industrial and domestic applications. Optical transducer trainer is unique in design as it covers, study of 4 different types of transducers. Experiments covering fundamental characteristics of transducers and study of transducer controlled switching / alarm systems can be performed. The manual consists of various chapters covering Introduction, Theory Types and selection of transducers, their applications and Glossary of terms.

* Self contained compact trainers.

* Study of 4 different transducers.

* Study of transducer controlled switching / alarm systems.

* On board signal conditioning circuitry.

* Built in DC power supply.

* Functional blocks indicated on board mimics.

* Fully documented detailed instruction manual consists of student workbook & operating manual with each trainer.


Transducers                                     :                 04 nos.

                                                                                      a.   Photoconductive Cell.

                                                                                      b.   Photovoltaic Cell.

                                                                                      c.   Phototransistor.

                                                                                      d.   PIN Photodiode.

* Light Source                            :             Filament Lamp.

* Signal Conditioning Circuitry   :            1.  Power Amplifier.

                                                                                     2.  Current Amplifier.

                                                                                     3.  DC Amplifier.

                                                                                     4.  Comparator.

                                                                                     5.  Electronic Switch.

                                                                                     6.  Buffer.

* Input Circuits                           :            Rotary and Slide Potentiometers.

* Output Circuits                        :            1.  Moving Coil Meter.

                                                                                    2.  Relay.

                                                                                    3.  LED.

* Interconnections                      :            4 mm banana sockets.

 * Power Supply                          :            230 V + 10 % 50 Hz.

 * Standard Accessories              :            Detailed Instruction Manual.


* Characteristics of Filament Lamp.

* Characteristics of Photovoltaic Cell.

* Characteristics of Photoconductive Cell.

* Characteristics of Phototransistor.

* Characteristics of PIN Photodiode.

* Light Controlled Switching System.

and more