Categories: Advance Communication ( series 75XX )

  • Mobile Communication Trainer is an easy medium of learning the fundamental concept of Mobile comm7527unication like GSM, GPRS.
  • The main focus of MCLS is in opening up a whole new world for you, mobile communication concepts like Call setup, call forward, SMS, voice, data and other Network protocols are also experimented on vis-à-vis the existing environment.

Hardware Specifications: 

„    Dual band 900 / 1800 MHz GSM / GPRS Modem.

„    Data, SMS, Voice.

„    Remote control by AT commands (according to GSM 07.07 and GSM 07.05)

„ Maximum output power 2W for GSM 900: 1W for     GSM 1800

„ Input voltage 9V to 12V DC, Current @2A peak

„ Operated on 230Vac wall mount external adaptor Or on board  Li-Ion Battery with on board Battery charger.

E Features:

„ RS-232 & USB connector  for PC Communication

„ 20 Membrane keys with multifunctional operation.

„ GLCD 128×64 Interface, Mic and Speaker

„ Remote control by AT commands (GSM 07.07 and 7.05)

„ Baud rate from 300 to 115,200 bits/s,  Auto baud

„ SMA antenna connector

„ Sliding / fixed landing SIM holder (3.3V/5V SIM interf.)

„ Various LED indicators for POWER, Network, Low battery, Battery charging & Battery status & serial Communications, Battery temp. indication etc.

„    On board RTC with independent battery backup.

„    Provision for auxiliary audio MIC & speaker connect.

„    appropriate test points at variousstages

„    Specific digital inputs to allow direct SMS transmission if any input changes state.

„ Relay output controlled over SMS.

E Experiments: 

„ SIM identification for getting self number, network name etc.

„ Execution of AT commands via PC

„ Voice communication using AT commands

„ Study of text or PDU data formats & interface with modem. SMS

„ Network status intimation via AT commands.

„ Read Message  Delete Message on PC

„ Call Records a. View missed calls b. View dialed numbers c. View records on PC

„ Contacts – a. Dial no.  b. Delete Contact  c. Add contact

„ Study and measure PWM signal of  circuit such as Vibrator, LED, Buzzer. „ Setting of MIC gain & Speaker gain via. AT commands.

„ SMS interface for Transmit, Receive & manage inbox.

„ Send  SMS messages with the help of on board keypad.

„ Indication of battery temperature viaAT commands.

„ On board Li-ion battery with provision to start, stop battery charging via AT commands

„ Know & manage information for all recent calls, missed calls.

„ Manage contact list.

„ Send and receive email facility through AT commands.

„ Relay output controlled over SMS.



  1. GSM Mobile Communication Trainer  01 No.
  2. Power Adapter  01 No.
  3. PC Communication Cable 01 no.
  4. JTAG – USB download adapter 01 No.
  5. Antenna ( fixed screw mount) 01 No.
  6. Sample Codes, Data Sheets, Software and tools CD 01 Set
  7. User and Reference Manual 01 Set