Measurement of Speed Using Opto Transducer ( Digital RPM Meter ) 3014

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Adtron’s Measurement of speed using Opto transducer trainer is a versatile stand – alone unit useful in the study and demonstration of the principle and working of a speed measuring system using Opto transducer. The trainer consists of the complete instrumentation viz., pulse generator, counter circuit, decoder, driver and seven segment displays to indicate the speed in revolutions per minute(R.P.M). It also has a motor speed controller. The motor unit with opto transducer is separately housed. The main trainer is housed in a specially designed users friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with a intelligently designed circuit layout on imported acrylic front panel.




Motor                                     :            Specially designed bi-directional, permanent magnet armature controlled DC motor.

Power                                     :            6W.

Speed                                      :            3500 R.P.M. Max.

Voltage                                  :            12V DC.

Torque                                  :            0.3 Kg. cm2.

Mounting                            :            Motor mounted with wheel and opto transducer.

Connector                          :            Special connector with wires to connect motor unit to measuring unit.


Parameter Measured   :            Speed in RPM.

Speed Control                   :            Built – in solid state speed controller voltage based.

System Range                   :            5000 RPM Max.

Instrumentation           :            Pulse generator, counter, decoder, driver.

Readout                                :           4 digit digital readout 0.5″ Red.

Controls                               :           a. Speed control.

                                                                b. Mains ON / OFF.

Connector                          :           Facility for connecting the motor unit.

Test Points                         :           Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe waveforms and voltages.

Indicators                           :           Mains ON/OFF.

Power Requirements  :           230V, ± 10% AC, 50Hz 1f


Standard Accessories :           Detailed Instruction Manual.