Measurement of Speed Using Magnetic Pick – Up Transducer ( Digital ) 3016

Categories: Instrumentation



This kit demonstrates measurement of speed using Magnetic pick up transducer and is a versatile stand alone unit useful in the study and demonstration of the principle and working of a speed measuring system using magnetic pick up. The trainer consist of the complete instrumentation viz., pulse generator, counter circuit, decoder, driver and seven-segment display to indicate the speed controller. The motor unit with magnetic pick up is separately housed.



Motor                        :               Specially designed bi-directional permanent magnet armature controlled DC motor.

Power                        :               6 Watts.

Speed                         :               3000 RPM max.

Voltage                     :               12V DC.

Torque                     :               0.3 kg. cm.

Mounting               :               Motor mounted with wheel and magnetic pick up transducer.

Connector             :               Special connector with wires to connect motor unit to measuring unit.


Parameter Measured          :            Speed in RPM.

Speed Control                          :            Built – in solid – state speed controller voltage based.

System Range                          :            5000 RPM Max.

Instrumentation                  :            Pulse generator, counter, decoder, driver.

Readout                                       :            4 digit digital readout 0.5” Red.

Controls                                      :            a. Speed control.

                                                                        b. Mains ON / OFF.

Connector                                 :             Facility for connecting the motor unit.

Test Points                                :             Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe waveforms and voltages.

Indicator                                    :             Mains ON / OFF.

Power Requirements         :             230V, ±10% AC, 50Hz 1f.

Panel Size                                    :             10” x 13”.

Standard Accessories         :             Detailed Instruction Manual.