Measurement of Linear Displacement Using Resistive Motion

Categories: Instrumentation



ADTRON’S displacement measurement system demonstrates the principle and working of the specialised dedicated transducer known as ‘Resistive Motion Transducer’ and also shown is one of its unique application to measure linear physical displacement. A special micrometer screw type arrangement to vary the displacement accurately. A variable excitation source, electronic instrumentation and digital readout all enclosed in a specially designed users friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed layout on imported acrylic front panel, are some of its other important features.




Parameter Measured      :   Linear Physical Displacement.

Measurement System   :   a. Micrometer screw type arrangement.

                                                           b. Transducer with electronic instrumentation.

Transducer                          :   Resistive.

Type                                          :   Linear Motion Type.

Actual Displacement    :   By micrometer screw type arrangement.

Excitation Source           :  D. C.

Readout                                  :   3.5 digit digital display to indicate displacement.

Operating Voltage          :  230V, ±  10% AC 1phase.

Test Points                          :   Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.