Measurement of Humidity : Study 3067

Categories: Instrumentation

C_62-2 copy_miniSALIENT FEATURES :

Adtron’s Humidity Measurement Trainer is a versatile self – contained stand – alone unit useful in the study and demonstration of the principle and working of a Humidity sensor. It has a built in sensor, amplifier, instrumentation circuit, humidity chamber with humidifier. A supplementary dry / wet bulb thermometer is also provided.


Sensor                                      :            Capacitive.

Measurement                     :            Humidity.

Display                                     :           3 ½ digit digital display.

Standard Accessories    :          1.  Humidity Chamber

                                                                   2.  Humidifier to vary the humidity

                                                                   3.  Detailed Instruction Manual.

                                                                   4.  Supplementary dry / wet bulb thermometer.