Measurement of Force Using Transducer ( Digital ) 3019

Categories: Instrumentation


ADTRON’S Force Measurement system demonstrates the principle and working of a universal type load cell, and also shown one of its unique application to measure Force in Kg. The trainer also consists of tone adjustment facility and digital read – out, all enclosed in a specially designed user’s friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed circuit layout on imported acrylic front panel are some of its important features.


Parameter Measured                  :          Force.

Measurement System                :          a. Spring balance with loading arrangement.

                                                                                b. Transducer with electronic instrumentation.

Transducer                                        :          Load Cell.

Type                                                        :          Strain gauge type.

Configuration                                  :          Full active bridge.

Readout                                                :         Digital display to measure force in Kg.

Operating Voltage                         :         230 AV.

Accessories                                        :         Detailed Instruction Manual.

Indicator                                             :         Mains ON / OFF.

Power Requirement                    :         230 V, ± 10 % AC, 50 Hz.1 Phase.

Panel Size                                            :         10” x 13”.