Measurement of Flow by Ventury Meter 3063

Categories: Instrumentation


ADTRON’s model 3063 Measurement of Flow by Venturimeter system demonstrates the principle and working of a rotameter. The system consists of a sump tank, water pump, rotameter, ball waves and necessary piping all mounted on a suitable stand. The whole unit is a table – top unit.


Sump Tank                                       :           Capacity : 20 Liters.

Material                                              :           MS / Plastic.

Water Circulation Pump        :           20 LPM.

Hand Valve                                       :          Type – Ball – 02 Nos.

                                                                              Material – Brass.

Venturimeter                                 :          35 LPM.

Water Manometer                       :          U tube type.

Rotameter                                         :          35 LPM.


 1. Study the principle and working of a Venturimeter.

2. Measurement of flow using Venturimeter.

3. Measurement of friction loss of a Venturimeter.