Measurement of Flow by Pitot Tube 3065

Categories: Instrumentation

The LCR Bridge Trainer should be able to measure the unknown resistance, capacitance or inductance using AC Excitation source. The LCR Bridge Trainer should be modularly designed and should be a self – contained system. The trainer should have built-in AC Excitation source. The required detector should also be built-in. All the terminations should be provided on 4 mm sturdy brass terminals, fitted on front panel with powder coated metal enclosure for longer life.

Technical Specifications :

* Parameter to be measured   :    1. Resistance

                                                                           2. Capacitance

                                                                           3. Inductance

* Type of Bridge                                :    1. Wheatstone’s or Kelvin’s for Resistance

                                                                            2. Schearing’s and Desauty’s for Capacitance

                                                                            3. Maxwell’s and Hay’s for Inductance.

Excitation Signal                             :       AC – 1KHz Sine wave

Detector                                                 :       AC amplifier and headphone

Experiments                                       :       1. Measurement of unknown

resistances using Wheatsone’s bridge.

                                                                               2. Measurement of unknown  Capacitance using Scearing’s and Desauty’s Bridge.

                                                                               3. Measurement of unknown Inductances using Maxwell’s and Hay’s bridge.

Accessories                                          :       1. Jumper links

                                                                               2. Headphone