Measurement and Control of Temperature Using Thermocouple ( Digital ) ( with heating process ) 3009

Categories: Instrumentation


             Adtron’s Temperature measurement and control system demonstrates the principle and working of the specialised dedicated temperature transducer ‘Thermocouple’ and also shown is one of its unique application to measure and control temperature. An electronic closed loop temperature measuring and controlling system with variable set point, special heating unit and digital readout all enclosed in a specially designed intelligently designed layout on imported acrylic front panel.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Measured          :      Temperature.

Measurement System        :       Transducer with electronic instrumentation.

Control System                     :       ON/OFF type.

Transducer                             :       Thermocouple.

Type                                          :       Iron-Constantan, immersion type probe in sheath with flange and flying leads.

Sensor Calibration              :       ANSI type.

Sensor Range                        :      0 to 4000C.

SystemRange                        :      Variable from ambient (room) temperature’s to 700C.

Actual Heating Process    :      Heating unit of 200W heating capacity.

Set Point                                 :      Adjustable over full range.

Readout                                  :      3.5 digit digital display, dual mode to read.

                                                            a] Set temperature in 0C.

                                                            b] Actual temperature in 0C.

Controls                                  :     a] Set point control.

                                                            b] Display mode control.

                                                            c] Mains ON/OFF control.

Operating Voltage               :         230V, ±10% AC, 50Hz 1f.

Training Facilities               :         Multicoloured test points at various stages in  the circuit to observe and measure voltage and waveforms with detailed instruction manual.