Measurement of Angular Displacement Using Resistive Transducer ( Digital ) 3005

Categories: Instrumentation



This kit demonstrates the principle and working of a resistive potentiometer for measurement of angular displacement. It consists of a DC excitation source, precision amplifier, and a digital readout.



Parameter Measured     :   Angular Physical Displacement, 00 to 2700.

Measurement System   :   a. Calibrated Dial. (00 to 2700.)

                                                            b. Transducer with electronic instrumentation.


Transducer                           :   Potentiometric, Resistive type.

Actual Displacement     :  By rotating the shaft of the potentiometric transducer.

Excitation Source            :  + 5V± 10% DC Regulated power source.

Readout                                   :   3.5 digit digital display to measure 0 to 2000mV D.C. indicating angular displacement in millivolts.