Linear / Digital Bread Board Trainer 1003

Categories: Dynamic Demonstrators

ADTRON’s Linear / Digital Breadboard Trainer Model 1003 also popularly known as Electronic Power Project Board is a useful, low cost multi – purpose, mini – lab with drastic savings in time and money for implementing / trying out new circuits in a convenient and easy manner. Various circuits in analog, digital and hybrid circuits can be made and tested. It is housed in an ergonomically designed sturdy elegant metal cabinet.
The Linear / Digital Breadboard Trainer consists of :
1. Breadboards : Unique solderless large size, spring – loaded breadboard consisting of 3 Terminal Strips with 640 tie points each and 6 Distribution Strips with 100 tie points each, totalling to 2520 tie points .
2. DC Power Supplies : Various IC based DC regulated power supplies with short circuit protection are built in as follows :
a. 0 to + 15V / 500 mA ( dual o/p ; continuously variable).
b. + 5V / 1A ( Fixed ).
3. Clock Generator : Various independent fixed TTL (5V) Clocks are simultaneously available as follows :
a. 0.1Hz.
b. 1Hz.
c. 100Hz.
d. 1KHz.
4. Manual Pulser : One nos. bounceless manual pulser (useful for freezing the action of each stage of the counter after every clock pulse.
5. Logic Level Inputs : Eight independent logic level inputs, viz., toggle switches to select High / Low levels, each with a LED to indicate input level status and termination.
6. Logic Level Indicators : Eight independent logic level indicators, viz., LED’s for status indication of Digital Outputs.
7. AC Supplies : 18 – 0 – 18V / 500 mA.
8. Mains On / Off Power Switch with indicator for mains on indication and fuse for protection.
9. Set of 25 numbers of multi – coloured single strand hook – up wire.
10. Instruction manual.