Level Controller Using Capacitive Transducer 3022

Categories: Instrumentation


ADTRON’S Level measurement and control system demonstrates the principle and working of a specialised dedicated capacitive type level transducer, and shown here is one of its unique application to measure level accurately. A special arrangement of a float ball coupled with capacitive type level transducer is used to measure level in steps, an excitation source, electronic instrumentation for control, all enclosed in a specially designed users friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on imported acrylic front panel, are some of its other important features.


Parameter Measured                 :              Level.

Measurement System               :              a. Float ball transducer assembly.

                                                                                  b. Electronic Instrumentation.

Transducer                                       :              Capacitive type level transducer.

Level Measurement                   :              In steps.

Controller                                          :              1. Electronic type, compares the actual level in the overhead tank with the set level.

                                                                                   2. Electronic type, compares the actual level in the underground tank with the minimum level required to avoid free running of the monoblock pump.

Readout                                               :              B LED’s.

Motor                                                    :              Mono – block water pump operating on 230 V 50Hz AC.

Controls                                              :              1.   Set point in steps.

                                                                                  2.   Mains ON / OFF control.

Test Points                                        :              Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe waveforms and voltages.

Indicator                                            :              1.   Mains ON / OFF.

                                                                                  2.   Mono – block pump ON / OFF.

Power Requirements                 :             230V, ± 10% AC, 50Hz 1f.

Panel Size                                            :             10″ * 13″

Standard Accessories                 :            Detailed Instruction Manual.