Hydraulic Trainer ( Transparent Models ) 4036

Categories: Control Engineering


ADTRON’s Transparent Hydraulic Trainer Model 4036 is a self contained Transparent Hydraulic Circuit Board Trainer where demonstration of over 30 experiments is possible. Transparent Hydraulic Trainer is a sophisticated, indigenous, new generation transparent hydraulic teaching aid, specially developed to impart the best practical training in control transparent hydraulics. All functional transparent hydraulic components supplied with the trainer are made transparent to enable to observe Internal Movements. It can be used as a Live Demonstrator to show functioning of various transparent hydraulic control circuits and components, with ( coloured ) transparent hydraulic oil for better viewing. Regulated introduction of air bubbles can be used for easy tracing of oil path. Maximum operating pressure is kept at 10 bar so as not to damage the specially designed / manufactured transparent components and for safety of the students. transparent components / equipments are mounted on an ergonomically designed mobile metal trolley with drip tray. The power pack is mounted at the bottom. The transparent components are permanently mounted on the working area. “Quick Release Couplings” are used on the transparent components and hoses for fast and easy connections. All the transparent components are duly fitted with “Quick Adapters” and the hoses are fitted with quick couplers. The Hydraulic Trainer transparent components consists of :

Hydraulic Power – Pack :

Pump  : 3 LPM
4 Pressure  : 10 bar
4 Motor  : ½ HP, 3 f, foot / flange motor
4 Oil Tank  : 20 litre capacity ( oil to be provided by the purchaser )
4 Suction Filter  4 Oil Level Indicator
4 Pressure Gauge  4 Pressure Relief Valve


Single Acting Cylinder   01 No
4 Double Acting Cylinder   01 No
4 4/2 Way Directional Control Valve
( Spring Return )    01 No
4 4/3 Way Directional Control Valve  01 No
4 Branch Tee    02 Nos
4 Check Valve    01 No
4 Flow Control Valve   01 No
4 Hydraulic Motor    01 No
4 Manifold
a. Pressure Line Manifold  01 No
b. Return Line Manifold  01 No
4 Needle Valve    01 No
4 Loading Weight ( 10 Kg approx. )  01 No
4 PO Check Valve    01 No
4 Pressure Relief Valve   01 No
4 Pressure Gauge f 100 mm   01 No
4 Pulley arrangement ( suitable to load ) 01 No

Sequence Valve    01 No
4 Measuring Flask ( 2 Litres )   01 No
4 Hydraulic Hoses with Quick Couplers 10 No
4 Detailed Instruction Manual  01 No