GSM Trainer 7525

Categories: Advance Communication ( series 75XX )

►             Based on 89C51 family based processor

►             40×2 LCD for Display interface and Keyboard entry through IBM
PC Keyboard

►             Uses Q2403A Wismo Quick Modules to interface it with

►             It has hardware block for doing various experiments

              ►             Mic input with conditioning circuit

              ►             Audio output on Headset

              ►             Keyboard matrix (5×4) for scanning the key codes

              ►             With LCD of 40×2

              ►             SIM socket

              ►             Buzzer
►             Understanding of various functions with the use of AT commands

►             Various SIM signals like Card Read, Card Clock, Card Presence,
Card Data are available for debugging

►             With buzzer provides for incoming call

►             External antenna for capturing the incoming signal

►             Various examples using AT commands are given for Phone
dialing, SMS Read, Write, Phone book, ADC, General purpose I/O lines, Keyboard interface to Modem are given

►             Modem can operate through PC as well as standalone system

►             In-built power supply


►             Multiple Access Method -TDMA / FDMA

►             Uplink frequencies (MHz) -933-960 (basic GSM)

►             Downlink frequencies (MHz) -890-915 (basic GSM)

►             Duplexing -FDD

►            Channel spacing, kHz -200

►             Modulation -GMSK

►             Portable TX power, maximum / average (mW) -1000 / 125

►             Power control, handset and BSS -Yes

►             Speech coding and rate (kbps) -RPE-LTP / 13

►             Speech Channels per RF channel: -8

►             Channel rate (kbps) -270.833

►             Channel coding -Rate 1/2 convolutional

►             Frame duration (ms) -4.615