Flow Control Setup 4021D

Categories: Control Engineering

4021D                             Adtron’s Model 4021D Flow Control Set up Comprises of a differential Pressure Flow sensor with Orifice meter to measure the flow Rate. The flow of water is controlled by a Pneumatic Control Valve actuated by a I to P converter, Rotameter is provided to measure the flow rate. The system is mounted on a table top model with all necessary piping. The water inlet and out let are brought out through a manual control valve. Water at approx. 650 LPH has to be supplied to the system externally. The electronic panel comprises of ADC/DAC card with RS – 232 interface. Software is provided for experimentation, PID Control settings ( P, PI, PD and PID mode ) Data storing, Online data acquisition, Off line analysis, Printing of data’s can be done easily.


DP Transmitter      :      Range 0 to 250 mm of WC with output 4 to 20 mA

Orifice Meter            :       Stainless Steel

Rotameter                  :       60 – 650 LPH

Control Value          :       Globe type, 2 Way, ½” with diaphragm type actuator, Total stem travel 15mm, Pneumatic operated, 3 to 15 PSI pressure.

I/P Converter           :       4 to 20 mA input output 3 to 15 PSI

ADC/DAC Card        :       12 bit resolution, 1 input 1output with RS 232 Serial Interface to PC

PID Controller        :       Software to control the process based on LABVIEW Mode with Controller and Data Acquisition, Trend plot, Offline, Analysis and Printing.