Fiber Optic Analog Transmission Kit ( for Numerical Aperture and Fiber Loss ) 7505A

Categories: Advance Communication ( series 75XX )



Fibre Optic Analog Transmiss7505Aion Kit Demonstrates the characteristics of different Fibre optic components such as FO transmitter ( 660 nm & 850 nm ), FO receiver ( Photo Transistor ), losses in a FO system, analog signal transmission and a FO audio transmission system. A special type of FO power meter with FO PIN diode is also provided with output to be observed on a digital multimeter to observe the power output. All there is enclosed in a specially designed user friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with intelligently designed layout on imported acrylic front panel are some of its other important features :


Technical Specifications


¢         FO Sources (Transmitter)                       :           a.         660 nm LED SMA Connectorised.

  1. 850 nm LED SMA Connectorised.


¢         FO Receiver                                          :           FO Photo Transistor SMA Connectorised.


¢         Power Meter                                          :           Using FO PIN DETECTOR and logarithmic amplifier with

output to be read on DMM.


¢         Controls                                                :           1.         Input Power adjust ( PO Adj ) in the FO


  1. Gain adjust in the FO Receiver.


¢         Input Analog Signal                               :           1.         Microphone ( Internal ).

  1. Sine wave from function generator (external).


¢         Output Signal to be monitored on          :           1.         Audio amplifier with speaker ( internal ).

  1. CRO ( external ).


n          Experiments that can be performed        :           1.         Loss is fibres at 660 nm & 850 nm.

  1. Characteristics of FO LED’s at 660 nm and 850


  1. Characteristics of FO Photo Transistors.
  2. Characteristics of a FO Linear intensity

modulation system.

  1. Frequency response of a FO linear

intensity modulation system.

  1. Waveform distortion in a FO linear

intensity modulation system.

  1. Gain bandwidth product of a FO linear

intensity modulation receiver.

  1. Transmission of an audio signal through an

optical fibre.

  1. Determination of numerical aperture of f optical

fibres & Losses in FO cabels

  1. Study of E/O characteristics.
  2. Study of O/E characteristics.
  3. Study of an AC intensity modulation system


n          Accessories                                          :           1.         1 meter PMMA fibre optic patch cord with SMA

connector on both sides (01 Nos).

  1. 5 meter PMMA fibre optic patch cord with

SMA connector on both sides (01 Nos).

  1. In line SMA adapter  (01 Nos).
  2. Mandrel.
  3. Numerical aperture measurement jig.
  4. Instruction Manual.





n          Operating Voltage                                 :           230 V + 10 % AC 1f.





n          Test Point                                             :           Multicoloured test points are provided at various stages in

the circuit to observe the waveform and voltages.