Faraday’s Rotation Pattern 7501D

Categories: Advance Communication ( series 75XX )


Adtron’s Faraday’s Rotation apparatus Model 7501D is a specialized versatile training equipment for telecommunication. It is specially designed and ruggedly constructed to last through many years of class room and laboratory use by both skilled and novice operators. The faradays rotation apparatus works on X Band (8.2 to 12.4 GHz ).

Adtron’s Faradays Rotateions apparatus Model 7501D consists of the following :

►          Circular to Rectangular Wave Guide Transistors      :           02 Nos.

►          Round Wave Guide with Magnetic Coil                          :           01 Nos.

►          Rotary Joint                                                                              :           01 Nos.

►          DC Power Supply                                                                     :           01 Nos.

►          Ferrite Fitted Inside the Round Wave Guide               :           01 Nos.

►         Round Wave Guide Starts                                                      :           02 Nos.

Experiment :

1.         Demonstration of Faradays Law of Rotation.

Note :

You receive a Microwave source to be connected as input to the Faradays Rotation Apparatus Model 7501D. Any of the Adtron’s 7501A, B, C, E, F & G can be used as a source of input for Adtron’s Model 7501D.