EPBAX – Demonstrator 1031

Categories: Dynamic Demonstrators


ADTRON’S Electronic Telephone Exchange Trainer is a high technology, rugged, user friendly replica of a professional electronic telephone exchange. It uses the latest state of art technology making it a highly reliable electronic telephone system designed to provide a high level of internal and external communication system.

ADTRON’S Electronic Telephone Exchange Trainer is not only an intercom system but a full fledged exchange, viz., a P & T line can be connected to the exchange and four extensions are interfaced with it. It requires no operator, as it is fully automatic as its control is microprocessor based store program control. Hence it can be used as a highly sophisticated intercom system and also for communication with outside world (through P & T line). Facility to connect a P & T line and the four extensions is provided in the trainer. Simultaneously a talk between various parties is possible. Also four electronic push button telephones working with the latest technology are provided for the four extensions. Various time saving operator related and other features are provided.

 Trunks : One (P & T)
 Extensions                     : Four
 DTMF                               : Instant Communication (CCITT)
 Control                            : Store program, microprocessor based.
 Pulse                                 : 10 ±0.5 PPS.
 Break Ratio                    : 33 : 66
 Line Limit                       : 1000E (approx.).
 Trunk Limit                    : 1600E (approx.).
 Insertion Loss               : 0.5 ± 0.5 db.
 Cross Talk                        : – 75 db.
 Noise                                 : – 80 db.
 Speech Paths                  : Three.
 Ring Frequency            : 20Hz
 Ring Amplitude            : 60 -80V AC. (p-p)
 Power Efficiency          : 40 Watts.
 Telephone Sets              : Four.
 Telephone Set Type     : Electronic push button type.
 Power Required             : 230V ±10% AC ; 1 phase.