Electronic Level Controller Demonstration Unit with Pump 3024

Categories: Instrumentation


ADTRON’S Level measurement and control system demonstrates the principle and working of a specialised dedicated Electronic type level transducer, and shown here is one of its unique application to measure level accurately. A special arrangement of four electronic sensors is used to measure level in steps, an excitation source, electronic instrumentation for control, all enclosed in a specially designed users friendly elegant powder coated metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on imported acrylic front panel, are some of its other important features.


Parameter Measured                :       Level.

Measurement System              :       a] Electronic level sensor (PCB type).

                                                                           b] Electronic Instrumentation.

Transducer                                      :        Electronic type level transducer.

Level Measurement                  :         In steps.

Controller                                         :        1] Electronic type, compares the actual level in the overhead tank with the set level.

                                                                            2] Electronic type compares the actual level in the underground tank with the minimum level required to avoid free running of the monoblock pump.

Readout                                              :         LED’s.

Motor                                                   :         Mono-block water pump operating on 230V, 50 Hz AC.

Controls                                             :         1] Set point in steps.

                                                                            2] Mains ON / OFF control.

Test Points                                       :          Multicoloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe waveforms and voltages.

Indicator                                           :          1] Mains ON / OFF.

                                                                                 2] Mono-block pump ON / OFF.

Power Requirements                :          230V, ±10% AC, 50Hz 1f.

Panel Size                                           :          10″ x 13″.

Standard Accessories                :          Detailed Instruction Manual.