Electro Hydraulic Trainer ( Advance ) 4035

Categories: Control Engineering

4035                       ADTRON’s Electro Hydraulic Trainer – Advance Model 4035 is a very versatile, completely self – contained training package for the teachers & students to perform various experiments in hydraulics. Electro Hydraulic Trainer is an ergonomically designed, sophisticated, indigenous, new generation hydraulic teaching aid, specially developed to impart the best practical training in basic / advanced / electro hydraulics. It can be used as a Live Demonstrator to show functioning of various hydraulic / electro hydraulic and transparent hydraulic components and control circuits. Operating pressure is kept at 20 bar for safety of the students for conventional components and 10 bar for transparent components. Various basic / advance / electro hydraulics circuits can be built easily due to special design of the trainer. Many experiments can be performed. A detailed and comprehensive instruction manual is provided along with the trainer. The complete trainer is provided on an ergonomically designed powder coated metal mounting trolley with drip tray ( to collect dripped oil ). The power pack is mounted at the bottom. The versatility of the trainer is enhanced by the use of special slide rails on both sides of the trolley for ease in experimentation “Quick Release Couplings” are used on the components and hoses for fast and easy connections. All the conventional and transparent components are duly fitted with “Quick Adapters” for fast and easy connections. Each component is mounted on a specially designed multi fold powder coated metal plate, so that same can be used on the slide rails fitted on the mounting frame as and when required to form circuits as per the study requirements. The hoses are fitted with “Quick Couplers”.

*     Pump           :    3 LPM

*     Pressure    :     20 bar

*     Motor          :     ½ HP, 3 f, foot / flange motor

*     Oil Tank    :     20 litre capacity ( oil to be provided by the purchaser )

*     Suction Filter

*     Pressure Gauge

*     Oil Level Indicator

*     Pressure Relief Valve