Digital Control System Model – 4039

Categories: Control Engineering

Digital Control SystemADTRON’s Digital Control System Trainer the working and operation of a Digital Control system. It is a versatile and self contained system allowing students to understand the concepts of a second order simulated process and a digital control system. It consists of a digital controller, simulated second order process using Op-amp, Analog to Digital Converter, Digital to Analog Converter are housed in an elegant metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel. Facility to observe the output on CRO.  A comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details is provided along with the unit.


*          Control System           :           Second order simulated using op-amps

*          Digital Control             :           Using controller with 16 bit arithmetic for algorithmic calculations

*          Controller type           :           PID with facility to set the parameters of P, I and D individually

*          Test Signal                     :           Built-in Square Wave Generator

*          Power Supply               :           Built-in regulated Power Supplies

*          Operating Voltage      :           230V, 50 Hz AC