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1048-1Digital & Analog Trainer kit is a comprehensive and self – contained system suitable for anyone engaged in Analog circuit experiments & digital logic experiments. . All necessary equipments for Analog circuit experiments & digital logic experiments. It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researcher interested in training, developing and testing circuit prototypes.

Technical Specification

♦       10 nos. of TTL compatible logic level inputs

♦        TTL logic selectable by a toggle switch.

♦        Logic HIGH and logic LOW are displayed by dual color LED.

♦        Four crystal generated clock output of 1MHz,1 KHz,10 Hz, and 1Hz.

♦        Facility for signal pulse generation by a pushbutton switch.

♦        Logic probe to check logic LOW, logic HIGH and pulse.

♦        Four seven segment displays with BCD inputs.

♦        Facility of segment control on two displays.

♦        Socket onboard to fix the IC’s:

  1. 16 pin : 4 nos.
  2. 20 pin : 2 nos.
  3. 28 pin : 6 nos.
  4. 40 pin : 2 nos.

♦        Two nos. of 14 pin general purpose area provided for soldering discrete components.

♦        Two nos. of 26 pin connector for inputs /output connection with microprocessor kit

through 8255.

♦        Built-in power supply          :           5V/ 1AMP, +12V/250mA

♦        Input signals are taken from /output signals are given to SPRING type PLATED/which

provides reliable contacts.

 Specifications Are Subject To Change Due To Constant

Developments Without Any Prior Notice