Compensation Designer Model – 4026

Categories: Control Engineering


*    Design and test cascade compensator.

*    Simulated system for accurate results.

*    Built – in compensator gain – only passive external components needed.

*    Built – in signal sources.

Technical Specifications :

*    Simulated ‘uncompensated’ system having adjustable damping. Peak percent overshoot MP, variable from 20% to 50%, and             steady state error variables from 50% to 0.5%

*    Compensation network implementation through built-in variable gain amplifier. Gain is adjustable from 1 to 11.

*    Built – in square and sine wave generators for transient and frequency response studies. Frequency adjustable from 25Hz –                  800Hz (approx).

*    220V + 10%, 50Hz mains operation.

*    Complete in all respects, except a measuring CRO.

*    The unit is housed in a elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on front panel.

*    Multi coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages.

*    A comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details is provided.

Experiments :

*    Lag compensation in the frequency domain.

*    Lead compensation in the frequency domain.

*    Lag compensation in the s – plane.

*    Lead compensation in the s – plane.

To start with, a suitable ‘uncompensated system is chosen, either by an arbitrary setting of the gain control potentiometer or by setting it to result in a given value of overshoot as seen by step response test. Next a set of specifications – both transient and steady state – are prescribed as an objective by the teacher. The design may then be carried out by one of the above techniques and the results verified by a step response or frequency response testing All the above design problems may be undertaken for a very wide range of design specifications. Notice that the implementation of the compensation network has been made very convenient by a pre-wired amplifier with calibrated gain.