Circuit Development System Trainer 1040

Categories: Dynamic Demonstrators

 Large solder less breadboard with 2420 tie – points for quick setup & changeover.
 Experiments on discrete, linear, TTL and CMOS devices possible.
 Extremely useful for Laboratory / Project / R & D works.
 Built – in multi range sine / square Oscillator.
 Built – in variable & fixed power supplies variable upto + 15V dual.
ADTRON’S 1040 is an extremely useful lowest training system, useful for both the teacher & the students.
The use of breadboard allows use of plain single strand wires in interconnecting components. Collection of utilities
like fixed and variable supplies, signal sources, status forcing switches, status monitoring indicators, standard
interconnect system to interface with external measuring equipment makes this a most powerful tool in the hands
of teacher to impart circuit concepts powerfully. It is very helpful to people in project work conception and as a
handy tool to the ever busy R & D person. The only external needs are actual components, wires and measuring
equipments. Various analog, digital, discrete, components based experiment are possible.
Breadboard : Unique solderless large size, spring loaded breadboard consisting of 3
terminal strip and 5 distribution strip breadboards.
( 2420 tie points).
Lead Size : 0.3 to 0.85 mm single strand wires recommended.
Built – in Power Supplies : 0 to + 15V (dual) variable @ 0.5A.+ 15V, – 15V, + 5V fixed supplies @ 1A
Built – in AC Sources : 5V, 10V, 15V, 20V at 50Hz @ 0.2A.Sine / Square wave
oscillator 20Hz to 1MHz 15V pp sine / 10V pp square amplitude leveled in
5 bands with fine controls for amplitude and frequency.
Built – in Level Switches : 8 toggle switches debounced to force levels to +5V or 0 volts for LOGIC
Clock : Slow clocks of 1Hz & 0.1Hz to monitor logic signal propagation.
Speaker : 8 W speaker for audio use.
Potentiometer : 6 potentiometer of values between 220 W to 22k W are provided for use.
Status Indicator : 8 LED’s indicate 0 & 1 status.
Power : 230 + 10% 50Hz, 60 VA.
Manual : Instruction Manual provided.