Characteristics of Photo Diode 6516

Categories: Basic Electronics


ADTRON’s model 6516, Characteristics of Photo Diode is a versatile and well – designed self – contained trainer kit. It is a useful training tool for the teacher and the students for basic electronics.


*          Study, perform, demonstrate and plot the V – I ( forward and reverse ) characteristics of a Photo Diode as a light dependent device.

*          Determination at different input voltage of :

                     *     Current and output voltage in forward biased condition.

                     *     Output voltage for different intensities of light in reverse biased condition.

*          Study, perform, demonstrate and plot the effect of light intensity and reverse voltage on the output of the photo diode.


*          Completely self – contained stand – alone unit.

*          Built – in Photo Diode and other necessary components.

*          Built – in DC regulated variable power supply of 0 – 12V.

*          Built – in variable intensity light source.

*          Mains ON / OFF switch with LED indicator for supply “ON”.

*          Multi – coloured sturdy 4mm test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms, voltages and for necessary inter connections.

*          Provision for connecting external voltmeter / current meter as per requirement.

*          Housed in an elegant ergonomically designed powder coated metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel.

*          Working on 230V, 50Hz, single phase AC mains.


*          4mm – 4mm terminated, sturdy, spring loaded patch cords :

                          *     Quantity : 03 numbers provided.

*          Strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details :

                          *     Quantity : 01 number provided.