Characteristics of IGBT 8504

Categories: Power Electronics


*          Completely self – contained stand – alone unit.

*          Demonstrates the V-I Characteristics of an IGBT.

*          Built – in two DC regulated variable power supplies of :

            *          0 – 15V / 1A.

            *          0 – 15 / 100 mA

*          Mains ON / OFF switch with LED indicator for supply “ON”.

*          Multicoloured sturdy 4mm test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms, voltages and for necessary inter connections.

*          Provision for connecting external voltmeter / current meter as per requirement.

*          Housed in an elegant ergonomically designed powder coated metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel.

*          Working on 230V, 50Hz 1f AC mains.

*          Strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details.