Basic Logic Gates (Using Diodes & Transistors):Characteristics 2501

Categories: Basic Digital Electronics


*        Completely self contained stand – alone unit.

*        Demonstrates the characteristics of Basic Digital Gates using diodes and transistors. ( NOT, OR, AND, NOR, NAND ).

*        Supply required 230V, 50Hz AC.

*        Built – in IC Regulated power supply with short circuit protection and a LED indication for supply “ON”.

*        Verification of the truth table for the basic gates, made up of either diodes or diodes and transistors.

*        Observation of input & output of each stage.

*        Set of required number of patch cords.

*        Housed in an elegant metal cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel.

*        Strongly supported by a comprehensive  instruction  manual complete with theory and operating details.