Argus Vision Processing Board

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  • Argus is a vision processing develoarguspment board with powerful dual core processor and it has flexibility to interface various cameras and lenses as per requirement. It supports multiple interfaces like SPI, CAN, UART, USB etc.

  • It can work in 2 modes – first as an UVC (USB Video Class) device which is similar to a webcam and secondly as an embedded camera with user programmable firmware. Of the dual core processor only 1 core is used for image capture while the other core is left to the user for application programming.

  • With lot of connectivity options like USB, CAN, UART etc. it is ideal for use in wired and wireless applications. Using this camera users can learn basics of image capturing, image processing, blob detection, object finding etc.

  • This apparatus can be easily mounted on the Hello-Bot, adding computer vision to the robot. Argus can also be mounted on a Pan-Tilt unit and controlled using the on board GPIO.




  • Camera Fundamentals

  • Image Capturing

  • Image Processing

  • Image transforms

  • Working on bare metal embedded systems for image processing


Technical Specifications


  • Processor  –  LPC 4357 ARM Cortex—M4/M0 Dual core @240MHz

  • RAM    –  32 MB

  • Interfaces  –  Micro SD Card, USB, CAN, UART, I2C, SPI

  • Camera Sensor Interface  –  10-bit raw RGB, RGB 565, YUV, etc

  • Connectors  –

  1.       40Pin FPC for Camera

  2.       10Pin FPC for camera

  3.       15Pin DF13 for External interfaces like GPIO, SPI, UART

  4.       Terminal Blocks for Power and CAN

  5.       Mini USB-UVC

  • PCB Size    –  50 x 50 mm


  • Projects / Experiments –  1. Blob Detection

  • Colour Detection

  • Pan Tilt control

  • Motion detection

  • Object Identification and following

  • Distance measurement using Camera


Kit Contents


  • Argus – Vision Processor Board

  • MT9M111 CMOS sensor with 6mm M12 Lens

  • Hardware Accessories

  • Software/ Firmware support


Optional Additional Accessories


  • MT9V034M – Monochrome CMOS sensor

  • MT9V034C – Colour CMOS sensor

  • Lens options – M12, C & CS mount

  • Pan-Tilt unit