AC Motor Speed Control Demonstration Unit ( With 0.5HP 3 f Induction Motor with speed measurement ) 8538

Categories: Power Electronics


ADTRON’S AC Motor Speed Control demonstration unit is a versatile self contained stand alone unit useful in the study and demonstration of the principle & working of a thyristor controller for stator voltage control consists of a ZCD, Ramp generator Comparator and Pulse amplifier and power circuit using SCR’s. It is housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on front panel. Multicoloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe voltages & waveforms.


*     Input                       :            230V, 50Hz A. C. 3φ.

*     Output                    :            Variable AC.

*     Circuitry                :            Discrete trigger circuit consisting of ZCD (Zero Crossing Detector), Ramp generator, Camparator and Pulse generator.

*     Power Circuit       :     Using SCR’s of 600 V/ 4 A rating.

*     Load                         :     The following loads are built-in

                                                 1.      Resistive (Lamp load)

                                                 2.       0.5 HP / 3φ, AC Motor.

Controls                         :      Potentiometer for firing angle Control.

Experiments :

1.      To study the nature and generation of Thyristor Control Signal.

2.      3φ Full wave AC phase control with Resistive (lamp) load.

3.      3φ Full wave AC controller for 05 HP Induction Motor.