A.C. Position Servo System Demonstration Unit 2003

Categories: Industrial & Power Electronics


ADTRON’S AC Positions Servo System Demonstration Unit is a self contained stand – alone demonstrator, useful in the study & demonstration of the principle & working of a AC Position Servo System. It consists of a potentiometer with calibrated dial as master or input transducer & a rebalance potentiometer to converts output position into a voltage signal along with specially designed two phase AC Servo meter with suitable coupling, feedback path, summing amplifier, power amplifier. Various controls for different parameters are provided. It is a highly accurate, highly sensitive demonstrator with good repeatability, Linearity & fast response. The unit is housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel. Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe waveforms & voltages. It is strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory & operating details.


Principle : AC Position Servo System.
Displacement : Angular (  0 deg to 270 deg  ).
Input Transducer : Command or master potentiometer with calibrated dial ( 0 deg to 270 deg  ).
Motor : Specially designed two phase AC Servo motor.
Coupling : Suitable coupling of motor to output rebalance potentiometer into voltage signal.
Amplifier : Summing amplifier of adjustable gain & power amplifiers for driving AC motor on basis of error signal.
Amplifier Gain : Controlled by the voltage signal derived by the conversion of the output position of the rebalance potentiometer into voltage signal.
Output : Slave dial coupled to the servo mechanism & mounted with calibrated dial ( 0 deg to 270 deg ).
Controls : 1. Master or Command Potentiometer.
2. Potentiometer for zero adjustment to adjust the minimum ( Lower limit of angular displacement ).
3. Potentiometer fro span adjustable to adjust the ( Upper Limit ) of angular displacement.
4. Potentiometric for gain adjustment.
5. Servomotor ON / OFF control.
6. Mains ON / OFF.
Indicators : 1. Nullmeter ( 3 ½ digit digital meter ).
2. Servo Motor ON / OFF.
3. Mains ON / OFF.
Test Points : Provided at various stages in the circuit to observe waveforms & voltages.
Power Requirements : 230V + 10% AC, 50Hz 1.
Standard Accessories : Detailed Instruction Manual.