A.C. Position Servo ( Servo Stabilizer ) Demonstration Unit 2008

Categories: Industrial & Power Electronics


ADTRON’S Servo Stabilizer trainer system is versatile self – contained stand – alone unit useful in the study
and demonstration of the principle and working of a servo stabiliser. The unit is housed in an elegant cabinet with a
well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on the front panel. Multi – coloured test points are provided at
various stages in the circuit to observe the waveforms and voltages. It is strongly supported by a comprehensive
instruction manual complete with theory and operating details.


Capacity : 1 KVA.
Input Voltage Range : 170V to 270V AC.
Output Voltage : 230V (Can be preset from 220V to 240V).
Current Capacity : Max. 4A.
Phase : Single phase.
Frequency Range : 45Hz to 65Hz.
Motor : AC Servo motor coupled to the variac.
Variac : 4A.
Load Regulation : + 1%.
Speed Of Correction : Better than 35V / sec.
Waveform Distortion : Nil.
Protection : 1. Under / Over voltage Tripping.
2. Short circuit protection.
Standard Accessories : Detailed Instruction Manual.