6 Axis Industrial Robot

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 Today robotic arms are employed on a large scale, for an 6-dof-robotic-armendless list of applications. You can find robotic manipulators almost everywhere, in industrial environments performing highly repetitive or heavy duty manufacturing activities on assembly lines, in research facilities precisely handling sensible or hazardous substances or objects and even on other planets gathering samples or otherwise. Industrial robots have various axis configurations. The vast majority of articulated robots, however, feature six axes, also called six degrees of freedom. Six axis robots allow for greater flexibility and can perform a wider variety of applications than robots with fewer axes.  Phi Robotic Arm is a 6-DOF articulated robot. It is highly versatile, robust and allows the user to perform task with high precision. It is easily programmable to perform variety of task as per user needs

   Kit Contents

  •   6-DOF Phi Robotic Arm kit

  • †  Power Supply

  • †  Hardware Accessories

  • †  Software/ Firmware support

  Pre Requisites

  • Basic Calculus

  • †  Coordinate Geometry (Cartesian and Polar)

  • †  C Programming