1 f Full Wave Half Controlled Bridge Rectifier 8515

Categories: Power Electronics



*          Two – isolated gate signals for Full Bridge Converter.

*          Firing angle variable from 1800 to 00.

*          Gated carrier source at 4 KHz.

*          Soft start circuit is built – in.

*          Housed in a sleek cabinet.

*          Test points are provided on the front panel for detailed study of circuit signals by the student.

*          Necessary test points are terminated at sockets so that the student can monitor / measure / study the signals using CRO, DVM, etc.

*          One Potentiometer to vary the firing angle.

*          One ON/OFF switch with indicator provided to power the control circuitry so that the students can monitor all the test points of the control circuitry for correct functioning.

*          Power Supply :

            *          Input         :       230V + 10%, 50Hz single phase AC.

*          +15V DC @ 0.5A regulated output for the control circuitry.


*          Two nos of SCR’s rated for 1200 volts-VAK & 25 Amps IA.

*          Two diode for free wheeling.

*          Each device is provided with.

            *          RC Snubber for dv / dt protection.

            *          Fuses to avoid overload.

*          All the G, A, K & MT terminals are terminated on connectors to use patch cords.


*          One fixed Resistive load ( Lamp Load ).

*          One fixed Inductive load.

*          All points are terminated at the front panel for wiring for each experiment.